Colorado Elopement

How to Plan Your Colorado Elopement

January 17, 2022

So you’ve popped the question and you two are engaged. Congratulations! And like many other couples, after weighing the pros and cons of wedding planning, you’ve decided that eloping is right for you. While there are many decisions to make ahead, one thing you have decided on is choosing Colorado as your elopement destination. No matter what your style and desires are, the beautiful state of Colorado offers a diverse range of options suitable for anyone’s needs. Here are a few tips to how to plan your Colorado elopement!

Where to Elope in Colorado

There are a number of beautiful locations to pick from in Colorado! Whether you want to go on an epic hike or just find some breathtaking views, there are so many great options to choose from. Here are a few of my favorite spots!


Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular choice for couples seeking a stunning backdrop for their elopement ceremony. With snowy mountain tops, evergreen trees, and several small lakes, this iconic park offers numerous stunning locations for exchanging vows. There are 12 designated ceremony locations, all absolutely stunning! You do have to have a special permit to exchange your vows in the park which is $300. 


Located in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods showcases dramatic red rock formations. Couples can choose from several designated ceremony locations within the park, each offering breathtaking views of the iconic sandstone formations that provides a stunning setting for elopement ceremonies. One plus of this location…no permits required! 


Eloping in Breckenridge offers a scenic and intimate experience amidst stunning mountain views. Located only an hour and a half from Denver, Breckenridge offers a lot of options for ceremony locations, places to stay, restaurants and things to do! Whether you exchange vows on a mountaintop or beside an alpine lake, Breckenridge offers a variety of magnificent settings to suit your style! 


Maroon Bells offers a picture-perfect backdrop for elopement ceremonies. Located near Aspen, these twin peaks are mirrored in the crystal clear waters of Maroon Lake, creating a beautiful setting for exchanging vows. This can be a great location if you want to include family as you can rent out the Maroon Bells Amphitheater for the day. It holds up to 50 people and costs $200. 


Overlooking Dillon Reservoir and the surrounding peaks, Sapphire Point Overlook is a beautiful option for your big day! This is another location that is great for couples planning to include guests on their elopement day. Some of the pros of this location is that you can reserve the overlook (though currently the reservation website is under construction), it can accommodate up to 35 people and it is easily accessible for guests! One con is that despite being able to reserve the overlook, that does not guarantee exclusive access to the area. Other people are still allowed to access the area, though most people are very respectful if they see a wedding taking place! 


Settled in a box canyon surrounded by towering mountains, Telluride offers a charming and intimate setting for elopement ceremonies. Couples can exchange vows against the backdrop of the town’s historic buildings and mountain peaks, creating a romantic atmosphere that is perfect for small, intimate weddings. Whether you choose to say “I do” in a mountain meadow or at one of the town’s scenic overlooks, Telluride provides a gorgeous setting for elopements.


Situated at the eastern entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park is a charming mountain town known for its stunning scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities. Couples can choose from a variety of ceremony locations, including beautiful parks, scenic overlooks, and rustic lodges. Whether you prefer a mountaintop ceremony or a ceremony by a tranquil river, Estes Park offers a range of beautiful settings for elopements. Check out this Estes Park elopement!


With its colorful wildflowers, beautiful mountain peaks, and charming downtown area, Crested Butte is a popular destination for couples seeking a romantic elopement location. Whether you choose to exchange vows amidst fields of vibrant wildflowers or against the backdrop of the town’s historic buildings, Crested Butte offers a stunning setting for intimate ceremonies!


Known for its eclectic culture and outdoor recreation, Boulder offers numerous elopement venues catering to every style. From Chautauqua Park with its flatirons backdrop to several locations you can rent out to include guests, couples have plenty of options to choose from.


Hosting an Airbnb elopement offers you the opportunity to exchange vows in a personalized and intimate setting. With the flexibility and variety of venue options available, you can create a memorable and unique experience that reflects your love story. It is also a great option if you want to include family or friends on your big day! Check out this Airbnb elopement!

Colorado offers a wealth of stunning locations for couples seeking the perfect setting for their elopement ceremony. Whether you’re drawn to the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the dramatic landscapes of Garden of the Gods, or the charming ambiance of a mountain town, Colorado has something to offer for every couple’s unique style and vision. With its diverse scenery and natural beauty, Colorado is truly one of the best locations to elope in the United States.

When to Elope in Colorado


The great thing about Colorado is that you can elope year round! Here’s a little info about each season! 

  • Summer: If you are looking for lush greenery and wildflowers, then this is the season for you! Summer can be absolutely beautiful here in Colorado. Temperatures, especially in the mountains, don’t get too hot! The biggest plus is accessibility! Many mountain roads close during the winter time so locations are easier to access in the summer! 
  • Fall: You really can’t beat fall in Colorado! If you are looking for fall colors in the backdrop of your photos, then mid to late September through mid-October is going to be the best time to plan your elopement. 
  • Winter: Colorado does really turn into a dreamy, winter wonderland so if that is your vibe, I’d suggest visiting December through April! You do need to be prepared for the cold so make sure to bring a good coat, gloves and winter boots and I will make sure to have hand warmers for you! 
  • Spring: Depending on the elevation of your location, spring can look very different! Some places will start to turn green in April while others may have snow all the way through mid-June!


For the best lighting, I always recommend planning your elopement around sunrise or sunset. Sunrise elopements can be great because you are less likely to run into large crowds of people and you can typically avoid the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms. Now on the flip side, a sunrise elopement does mean you have to get up pretty early so if you are not an early bird, I’d recommend a sunset elopement!


Trying to pick a date? If you are wanting more privacy and to not have to fight crowds, I would recommend a weekday! Many of the locations will be far less crowded on a weekday vs the weekend. If you are leaning towards a weekend day then time can be an important factor in securing the date. Some locations may require a reservation and can fill up quickly, so the sooner you have an idea of the day, the better!

How to Elope in Colorado

One reason so many people choose to elope in Colorado is that you can self-solemnize! Not sure what that means? It means you can marry yourselves, no officiant or witnesses required! This allows for the truly intimate day you were hoping for! All you have to do is get a Colorado marriage license, which is very straightforward. Some steps can vary depending on what county you are planning to get your license but I provide you with additional information once we have picked your location! 

*One extra little plus about eloping in Colorado?! Your dog can sign your marriage license as a witness! Most counties allow for this, but I do always encourage couples to ask when they apply for their license to ensure your dog can legally sign! 

What to do during your Colorado Elopement

Eloping can be so much more than just exchanging vows! We can plan a whole day’s worth of your favorite activities to make this a memorable day! Here are a few ideas for you!

  • Grabbing a beer from a local brewery!
  • Toast to yourselves with a champagne pop out in the breathtaking Colorado outdoors.
  • Show off your rugged side out in nature while hiking one of Colorado’s many trails or parks.
  • Brought along a few guests? We can plan a private dinner for you and your closest family and friends.
  • Just the two of you? We can set up a cozy picnic with the beautiful Colorado scenery as your backdrop!
  • Mix a little tradition into your unique getaway by arranging for a cake cutting in an intimate setting.

These are really just a few activities, the possibilities are endless!

The biggest thing to remember is that this is your day, and you should pick the activities that are suited to your liking and your level of comfort. While no “big day” is without its challenges, eloping is supposed to remove a majority of the stress and worries that come along with traditional big weddings so that you can focus on the memories that you will be making with your significant other. As your elopement photographer, I will help create the perfect day for you two; making it as stress free as possible, all while capturing memories that will last a lifetime. So are you ready to start planning your Colorado elopement? 

Reach out today and we can chat about planning your big day!

Updated March 2024